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Photographs of Stage 9b from Walton Bridge to Branston Water Park

Walton Bridge spans the River Trent from Derbyshire into Staffordshire
Path on the right just after the bridge - turns right after the gate
Peaceful path beside the River Trent
Redundant kissing gate
Short stretch of elevated path through the woods - doesn't get flooded!!
New bridge over the brook leading into the Trent
Turn sharp left after this gateway
Bear to the right round the newly planted trees
Take care across the footbridge if wet
Ignore the old stile and skirt left round the trees
Have a rest, then turn right along the wide track by the railway
Cross the railway by the footbridge. Carry on with the fence on your right - - but there is a temporary closure along this path from 21st March 2016
If closure has ended - cross footbridge and go over the stile
Path is straight ahead
Continue past the piles of earth
Follow the fencing on the right
Carry on along the fencing towards the Gate Inn
Join the pavement past the Gate Inn - mind the potholes!
Turn left into Court Farm Lane
Use subway under the A38 - turn left at the end, keeping under the subway
Turn right into Branston Water Park
Turn right just after the children's playground
Take a rest and have a cup of tea at the Hub Cafe - you have arrived!
Then feed the ducks before you leave!
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