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Photographs of Stage 10 from Branston Water Park to Rangemore Church

Branston Water Park is the start of Stage 10
Leave the car park with the lake on the left and head for the canal
Go through the gap ahead and turn left
Follow the towpath for about 800m
Turn right over Tatenhill Bridge. Former lockkeeper's cottage on the left
Bear slightly right keeping the fishing lake on your left. Big carp in here!
Straight ahead at the gate
The Newbold Quarry extension is on your left
Take a rest if you wish but watch out for splinters
Don't turn left - keep straight on
Footbridge on the right just after the gate. No right of way straight on!
Cross the road diagonally left. Look out for traffic!
50m after the gate, turn right up Battlestead Hill
Half way up!
Nearly there - have another rest!
At the top! There is a better view of Burton on a sunny day
Continue slightly upwards. There are supposed to be 10 hills in Tatenhill
Down the dip and up again slightly, before turning left and keeping left
Turn right after the stile
After the kissing gate, turn sharp left and follow the edge of the field
Go straight across the road and bear to the right of the white house
Turn sharp left uphill after the daffodil stile
Go straight up, not to the right
Turn right after the gate, not through it!
Cuckoo Cage Walk is ahead. Look out for Callingwood Hall on the right
Bear slightly left after the gate
Head for the signpost ahead on the right
Over the stile and down the hill keeping to the right
Sharp left up the valley after this gate. Mind the horses over the jump!
Keep going ahead up the valley
It gets narrower near the top
Climb the awkward stile and continue with the hedge on your left
Same direction after this stile
One more field before reaching the road
Turn right after the stile but take care stepping out on to the busy road
Leave the road through this gate on to a permissive path
The path runs parallel to the road and enters a narrow woodland area
Cross a farm track and continue through the woods
Straight on through the gate and head for the trees on the right hand side
Drop down a bank, go over the double stile and head up the hill
After the stile, head for the gap between two houses
Take the footpath between the fences and turn left into Chapel Lane
Turn right at the junction into Tatenhill Lane
The end of Stage 10 is at Rangemore School and Church. Car park opposite Click HERE to go to Stage 11
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